Wildlife and Roads: Decision Guide Overview

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Wildlife and Roads Decision Guide Image Map Step 1: Evaluate Resources Step 1.1: Identify Scope of Transportation Plan/Project Step 1.2: Identify Wildlife and Fisheries Issues Step 1.3: If a Mitigation Need: Identify Goals and Objectives Step 2: Identify Solutions and Options Step 2.1: Select General Mitigation Type Step 2.2: Determine Placement Step 2.3: Determine Configuration Step 2.4: Determine Maintenance Needs Step 2.5: Determine Monitoring and Evaluation Plan Step 2.6: Estimate Cost Effectiveness Step 3: Select Options and Create Implementation Plan Step 3.1: Document Decisions in Implementation Plan Step 3.2: Develop Maintenance Agreements Step 3.3: Identify Implementation Liaison Step 4: Construct Structure Step 4.1: Implement Monitoring Plan Step 4.2: Implement Maintenance Plan Step 5: Monitor and Evaluate Step 5.1: Evaluate Monitoring Plan Results Step 5.2: Evaluate Maintenance Plan Results Step 5.3: Modify as Needed Decision Guide Overview Step 1: Resource Evaluation Step 2: Identify Solutions Step 3: Select & Create Plan Step 4: Construction Step 5: Monitor & Evaluate