Wildlife and Roads: Publications

Final Report by John Bissonette

NCHRP 25-27 Final Report 2007
NCHRP 25-27 Final Report 2007

Article: Highway Mortality: Making road systems more permeable for wildlife by Shauna Leavitt

In The Mule Deer Foundation Newsletter September/October 2007 Issue

Interim Report

For a link to our interim report, available on the Transportation Research Board Website, http://www.trb.org/trbnet/projectdisplay.asp?projectid=762


Cramer, P. C., and J. A. Bissonette. 2006. Wildlife crossings in North America: The state of the science and practice. Pp. 442-447; In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Ecology and Transportation, San Diego, California. Center for Transportation and the Environment, North Carolina State University, NC. http://www.icoet.net/ICOET_2005/proceedings/06IPCh9-442-460.pdf